Black Hole

If you are not afraid of the unknown, this attraction is for you. The suspense of this snaking flume begins from the moment you sit on the float and you allow yourself to be taken by a current of water at full speed through its frenetic path, without seeing anything, submerged in the deepest darkness.

This unnerving trip, whose route and end are unknown, is full of surprises as your body slides through hair-raising curves, breakneck descents, exciting jumps and fun turns, all accompanies by various light effects that make adrenaline shoot up to amazing levels.

It is also possible to enjoy the experience that you have in this flume in the company of a loved one, sharing a double float with a friend, a family member or your partner to make this journey showing faith in your companion.

Black Hole is a black tube that doesn’t allow discovering its mysteries until you are on them; that is, it is an attraction to awaken bodily sensations without the mind anticipating what is going to happen. Only at the end, when you leave the flume and the light appears, does the traveller understand what the dénouement is going to be…

High Intensity



Min: 110cm


Max: Max: per person 99 kg left tube and right tube 80kg
Min: Min: per person 19 kg left tube and right tube 30kg


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