The drop along this family attraction is a trek full of potholes and curves, so you will have to grasp your floater tightly and trust that the person who accompanies you does the same. The descent along this open slide is so fast that you will think you are flying from head to toe.

Feel the wind on your skin, while you are swinging along this large striking slide. It will let you enjoy a marvelous view of this park from the beginning. Once got on this trek, you will only have time to think of the next jump or turn. It will unleash your adrenaline undoubtedly.

The stream coming down the Mammoth will make your ride be softer and more refreshing, especially, at the end, where water will splash on you into a little pond so that you realize that your exciting odyssey is over. When you get the finish line, you can release yourself from your floater and let the water soak your body completely.

This attraction must be used accompanied. According to the unleashed adrenaline, it is included into high emotion category and requires a height limit (120 cm/47,25 inches)

High Intensity



Min: 110cm


Max: Max: Between the two people who use the float 180 kg
Min: Min: Between the two people who use the float 100kg


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