In the style of the descent of the rough waters of some rivers, this family, even children’s, and collective adventure, which a large group of people can enjoy at the same time, is like a rollercoaster of sensations, in which you go from a sudden rush of adrenaline to a soft descent under the sun.

Mounted on large floats emulating rafts, canoes or kayaks in which the river follows the current of the rivers in the actual practice of rafting, the adventurers who dare to mount the Rapids can bring out their most competitive side by undertaking races at top speed along its winding path full of surprises along the course of the surging water.

The fun peaks on the curves and the rapid slops of this river before reaching pools of water where you can lie and sunbathe, which your feet and hands soak and your body relaxes before preparing itself again to face the next rapid.

It is a refreshing and interactive water attraction along half-circle flumes in which the challenge is to move from one raft to another pushed along by waterfalls or by crossing the swirling water, for example, without falling off the float. You can face this experience alone or by sharing the boat with a companion.

High Intensity



Min: 110cm


Max: Max: Between the two people who use the float 180kg
Min: Min: Between the two people who use the float 100kg


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