It is a medley of attractions for those who do not know which to choose or for those who need to pump more adrenaline than it may be pumped when using each one individually.

Are you brave enough to enjoy every turbulence in this attraction altogether. If not, take it easy. You can be accompanied by a person you trust and whom you can show your true feelings along this exciting trek.

The ride begins from a dizzy height from which you will have to take all your courage in order to introduce yourself with your floater into a cylindrical enclosed passage where you do not know what can be expected. Once inside, the tube becomes a spiral slide, and, then, it turns into a thrilling open steep slide.

The drop is swift and speedy. It takes you to a deceleration ramp along which you go upwards powered by your own impulse till you are almost stopped at a breathtaking height looking upwards. Finally, you will fall again along the same ramp, but now backward and you do not even know where…

Do not worry, you are just getting the finish line.

High Intensity



Min: 120cm


Max: Max: 99 kg As it is a double float attraction the weight of the two users is limited in min. 100 kg and max. 160kg
Min: Min: 19 kg Como es una atracción de flotador doble el peso de los dos usuarios está limitado en min. 100 kg y máx. 160kg


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