Zip Line

This attraction will allow to emulate an adventurer by crossing a difficult-to-access area of tropical jungle in search of treasure or make you feel like a soldier in training. Test your strength and see if you can survive the whole route without dropping off the Zip-line that crosses the park’s lagoon, negotiating the refreshing plunge you’ll have if you fall into the water.

You can compete with your companions to see who gets there quickest, in the most difficult posture, with the biggest speed face, concentrating the most, with the straightest body or with the best style. Will you be able to put your stamina to the test with only one hand?

Many of the people that have visited this attraction have passed the test with flying colours, but others weren’t so adroit, agile or strong or they came a cropper because of the laughs the moment caused or by their families and friends who were watching them and they fell into the water. You decide what group you want to belong to.

When you climb onto the wooden platform, picture yourself in action, wait for the lifeguard to give you the signal to start and allow yourself to be carried away by impulse because the trip is not eternal and to enjoy more you’ll have to do it again. Enjoy the wind and the speed in your face as you fly across the pool!

High Intensity



Min: 140cm




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